As women it is extremely vital that we are here to support and uplift each other. This woman is the ultimate IT GIRL because she exemplifies all that one should be. I had thought to save my fashion spotlight for those who are spreading their light and following their dreams. Elle Morgan is tenacious, unstoppable and has true IT GIRL quality. Let us all take a seat, sit back and keep reading while she SLAYS...

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Elle Morgan and I'm a small town girl from Bay Minette, Alabama. I've been living in Columbus, GA for about five years now. I moved here about six months after I graduated from Auburn University with my degree in Apparel Merchandising. My love for fashion began at a very early age; I actually use to make doll clothes out of my socks! So I always knew I was going to be apart of the fashion industry.

What inspired you to start your fashion blog?

At the time I was in college when I stumbled across YouTube and discovered there was an entire fashion community. I thought how awesome who it be to be apart of something like that. After that I started my first YouTube channel and through that channel I discovered blogging. I realized that both of these platforms had become an outlet for me to express my creativity.

How do you overcome doubt while building your brand?

Man this is a heavy one. To be honest with you this is still something I'm overcoming. I have moments where I will compare my progress to that of others but I have to remember that I don't know what obstacles they had to overcome to get where they are today. I also do not know what sacrifices they made to be able to achieve the level of success they have gained. In other words I have to check myself and instead of focusing on what others have going on I have to focus on bettering my brand. Let me come up with new fresh ideas for my YouTube channel and fashion blog; let me make sure I have the equipment and software I need to be able to produce quality content. Those are the things I tell myself to get back on track.


 What are some tips that you can share with other women aspiring to become a YouTuber?

I would suggest to first think why you want to start a YouTube channel. This will come in handy whenever you're doubting yourself or want to quit. There are times when my videos don't get the views that I think they should have or I don't have as many subscribers as I would like and I want to stop making videos altogether but I have to remind myself why I started. I started YouTube because it is a creative outlet for me, I love doing look books, fashion DIYs, and giving fashion and style tips. When I think back on my reason why I started it gives me the motivation to push forward. My second tip is to remain consistent with uploading your videos. You can lose viewership if you go months without uploading. The third tip is to remain yourself; viewers can pick up on whether or not you're being genuine and authentic in your videos. Lastly, you have to be patient and know that it can take years to gain a lot of subscribers and a huge audience. I suggest that if this is something you love doing you have to keep pushing.

What are some of your favorite trends for this summer; what is Elle wearing?

 I would have to say the who 90s trend has been one of my favorites. It's kind of nostalgic to me because I grew up during that time period so it's cool to see more of the styles making a comeback.

What is your daily inspiration when deciding what to wear?

To be honest with you nowadays my daily inspiration is the weather. I live in Georgia and it gets extremely hot here so a lot of the time I like to throw on my high waist cut off shorts, a t-shirt and my favorite pair of slides especially for a more casual look. However, when I want to be a little fancy I get my inspiration from other bloggers and celebrities I follow on social media.


What do women need more of?

Women need more individuality. If you look at social media a lot of women are starting to look and dress the same so much to where it's becoming the new standard. Do not get me wrong there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a face beat for the gods or to slay from head to toe but you have to find balance somewhere. I came up with the saying a while back and it goes "Be inspired. Not a carbon copy." Like I mentioned before I do get some inspiration from social media but I like to take what I see and make it my own.

In your own words how would you describe an IT GIRL?

I define an IT GIRL as someone who exudes so much confidence in the way she carries herself that you can't help but be drawn to her.


Be sure to press play and check Elle out on her YouTube channel and her many fabulous blog posts about her everyday looks at


Independent, Inspirational and absolutely Radiant. Abigail has found a way to turn her journey into a way of life. She is quickly becoming a woman of influence and inspiration within the natural hair community. She is a woman who can do it all from having her own YouTube channel to being a Best Selling Author; she exemplifies everything that an IT GIRL should be. I have had the pleasure of seeing her grow from the years we spent together at Alabama State University and I am so excited to have caught up with her to talk about her real #blackgirlmagic!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

 Hi IT girls! I am Abigail Hunter. I am the CEO of my company Completely You!, which enhances and embraces your fashion, fitness, and faith, so you can be the unique, complete triple threat that you were born to be! I use my undergraduate degree in Psychology to listen and connect with my clients. I have a heart for community outreach and community service which I put into action through various organizations.

When did you start thinking of your natural hair journey as a way to reach others?

 I began to realize my natural hair journey was a way to reach others when I started receivingseveral direct messages on all of my social media platforms with inquiries about my hair.  I realized it would be beneficial and more efficient to create videos and answer common questions I receive about my hair routine and various products I use. That’s how my YouTube channel was birthed.


What is your personal take on the controversy surrounding the Miss USA 2017 winner Miss Washington D.C. and her natural hair?

 After taking a look at the article about the current Miss USA 2017’s hair, I’m proud of her for doing something that she was afraid to do. It takes guts to go against the grain and do something that isn’t common. She was the only contestant out of 50 women that decided to wear her hair curly. Sometimes you have to do things that scare you, but the liberation that you get from being authentic and remaining true to who you are is so worth it.

What is your view on the natural vs. weave issue that is heavily prevalent in the black community? 

 Whether you decide to enhance your mane with extensions or rock it the natural way, it’s your choice. That’s what makes our race so beautiful, interesting and different. We’re all unique and should respect each other’s decisions.  Personally, I like to switch things up and try various styles with and without extensions. As long as we are presentable in whichever hairstyle we choose, there shouldn’t be an issue.


What is inspiring you right now?

 A young lady in my hometown recently was reprimanded for wearing her afro to high school. She was told that it was extreme, distracting and needed to be fixed. The school stated that they’ll allow her to finish out the school year, however, if she doesn’t change her hair before the next school year, she will receive a refund (meaning find another school to attend). This story inspired me and lit a fire in me to make sure that our generation knows that they are beautiful and should be confident in how God created them. He made no mistake. I am determined to inspire and empower those around me, so they never question their #blackgirlmagic even when others don’t understand it.


Tell us about your entrepreneurial endeavors with your new accessory line.

  My accessory line “Collar Me Fab” produces all handmade statement necklaces. “Collar Me Fab” was birthed from a need, like many businesses are. I have friends and family that didn’t have the pleasure of wearing costume jewelry because of their sensitive skin to certain metals. Being the D.I.Y. lover that I am, I began to make hypoallergenic necklaces out of t-shirt material as a solution. People loved them. I turned a therapeutic hobby into a business and have and will continue to expand creating a variety of statement pieces. You can visit my shop anytime!

What do women need more of?

 Women need more co-opetition and less competition. We need to be helpers one to another rather than going against each other. Let’s win together.

What do women need less of?

 Women need less judgment.  We take on so many unwanted opinions about our body and what’s good for it. Whether big or tall, skinny or well insulated, straight or curly hair, it’s our decision and opinions and will be solicited when needed.


How would you describe an IT GIRL?

 In my opinion, an IT Girl is a girl who knows who she is. She stands firm in her confidence and has no problem handing out compliments graciously to others to magnify their strengths. I am an IT girl!