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                             What’s your Body Language?                                            Boutique owner Morgan Lang gives us tips on owning your own business and following your passion.

What’s your Body Language? Boutique owner Morgan Lang gives us tips on owning your own business and following your passion.


When it comes to following your dreams you have to be bold enough, willing to withstand adversity and accept that you will not succeed at every step. What makes a good business woman and an overall great person is the understanding that plans change and with that beautiful things can be born. For many women there is a fear of failure and even for some the fear of succeeding and surpassing what you assumed your height could be. Breaking the traditional curses that have for so long burdened women of color and kept us in boxes is a necessity. Showing younger girls and even women who dream without action that it is possible to have the life you deserve if you only ask for it and go take what is yours is exactly what this amazing woman Morgan Lang has set out to do. Morgan is not just a business woman who owns her own clothing boutique but is an example of true kindness. I met Morgan while in undergrad at Alabama State University and immediately fell in love with her warmth. Morgan has a way of making anyone's day brighter with her beautiful smile and even more beautiful heart. When I first heard that she had started her boutique I said how fitting for someone who is loved by so many and not by force but purely from the way that she treats those around her. Morgan is the true essence of what an IT GIRL is and has given us all so many good tips and great advice in our recent interview. Grab your glasses ladies while we learn more about Body Language and how yours can speak to you.


What has given you the inspiration and confidence to start Body Language?

At first I didn’t have any confidence in running my own business. I was fresh out of college (Spring 15, Alabama State University) and moved to Sacramento, CA to be with my boyfriend. I thought once I moved there I’d find a job in my major which was social work but reality hit! I wasn’t willing to go back to graduate school to make $40,000 a year as a case manager. With the reassurance of my family and friends I decided to take that big step and get all the foot work done on my down time to start something I’ve always loved to do... SHOP!

 How important is marketing and branding while building a successful business? 

I’m still learning a lot about being an entrepreneur but so far I’ve learned that  marketing and branding is key when trying to build your audience. Everything you do has to be relatable, it’s the only thing that allows your business grow! It sets you apart from every other company that’s selling similar goods as you. The most important part to me is showing my supporters that I understand not every girl is the same when it comes to expressing their “Body Language”

 What are some common misconceptions that most people starting out may have about owning a clothing boutique?

The first misconception is thinking it’s easy and that you can be a 1 woman team! The second is thinking everyone is going to be receptive of all the pieces you pick! The third which was really tough for me is thinking I’d be able to take over the nation and have the same amount of customers I have in Alabama every where else which was a short lived dream.

How would you describe the vision and mood of Body Lang?

The vision and mood of Body Lang is forever changing! That’s what sets us apart. We don’t cater to just one style we cater to all Languages. Hints to our slogan “no words, just body language... let it speak for you!”  Basically means that you allow your clothes do the talking. You express who you are and how you feel at the moment through your clothing.  


While building your business; who are the people that have been your greatest support system?

My family and friends for sure have been my greatest support system. At one point I ran every single idea I had through them. I didn’t care if we were at dinner in the middle of phone conversations just whenever my mind would go and thankfully they never complained! During my first photo shoots my friends were my creative directors and models! It’s so funny that we really tried to do it all! My family served as the board as I’d call them! If I had pieces I was unsure about I’d send them in a family chat and we would vote yay or nay! I still use that system for the most part! 


 What advice would you give to other women on their expectancy in terms of support? (i.e. Strangers supporting more than friends and family)

The advice Id give is to just go for it, don’t second guess anything! Only you think the way you think, God made us individuals for a reason !! Also Don’t compare yourself to another business and don’t get discouraged because someone says “there is so many of ....(whatever your trying to build)! I always say to myself... “just because I wasn’t the first doesn’t mean I can’t be BETTER!” 


 What makes an "IT GIRL"? (Characteristics,traits)

 Your individuality makes an IT GIRL! Everything about YOU makes you IT! 


 What can we expect to see from Body Lang this upcoming SS18?

You can expect some dopeness ! We’re not your typical boutique we put our own little spin on every single thing we do. 

Be sure to check out Morgan and Body Language on her Instagram @mor_guhn and @shopbodylang

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